About Us

Our mission at Walen Financial Group, LLC is to help people find their true purpose for money and to reach their financial goals through investing. Our 47 years of experience has shown there’s no fast and easy solution when it comes to investing. That’s where we come in. We are ready to coach and educate you so that you can achieve your financial goals. Our system is effective and time-tested:

  • We educate our clients about investing do’s and don’ts. We take the mystery out of various investment strategies and we uncover existing investment myths you should avoid.
  • Our systematic approach to wealth building is constructed on research-based financial and behavioral science; it isn't dependent on self-proclaimed experts with unusual powers or divine abilities.
  • We know investment success is not a matter of luck, it’s a matter of understanding what you are doing. Our coaching is designed to educate clients how to manage not only their investments, but their emotions about investing as well.
  • Best of all, our system wasn't devised for the super-rich, it works for everyone. Our investment philosophy has helped many people change their financial futures forever.


Walen Financial Group, LLC is here to help you make better financial decisions. The investing models we employ are rooted in economic theory developed by Nobel Prize winning researchers and leading economists. You don’t have to dive deep into that theory to make successful investments, all you need is qualified coaching and expert advice, so you can develop a successful investing strategy yourself. We are here to help you transform your experience with money and achieve true peace of mind.